People & Economic Activity

This is the last section of the HSC course that we will be covering. Please find below a file containing the syllabus for this part of the course.

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Our focus for this section for the course is Winemaking on a global level and we will be investigating the Southern Highlands Winery near Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands of NSW as our local case study.

The location of wine growing is scattered between Old World and New World countries. The Old World countries comprise of European nations that have been producing wine for hundreds of years. During a period of colonisation, these Old World countries - such as France, Italy, Spain & Portugal spread wine making to New World countries like Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina and the US. The spatial distribution of these countries is located between 30 and 50 degrees north and south of the equator, however new countries like Thailand have enetered the wine making scene.

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Global Trends in Winemaking

World Map Winegrowing
World Map Winegrowing

Winegrowing is a fragmented industry, with countries in Europe termed as 'Old World' wine countries, whereas those countries colonised by 'Old World' countries like France, Spain, Italy & Portugal, are known as 'New World' Countries - such as Australia, New Zealand, USA (California), South Africa, Chile, Brazil & Argentina. - The Global Wine Industry - includes: wine making timeline, production process, major wine regions & companies and consumer culture of wine